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Join Before Sunday 11:59pm And Receive 1:1 Anxiety Reduction Fortnightly Coaching Absolutely Free (Value £594) 

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Discover a Life Outside Work Accelerator Program for Teachers 
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Teacher Workload is so Intense it is 
Leaving No Time for You
You know that it is time to stop and have a break, eat dinner or go to bed but if you just do one more thing it will feel better right? 

Except it doesn't. Making excuses that other things take priority leaves you exhausted and too tired to find the energy do anything for you. 

That is why boundaries are so important. 

The trouble is you find it hard to say no. Some tasks 'have' to be done. They need you. 
Other's Needs Always Come First 
Putting yourself last on the list is leaving you with little time to replenish your energy. 
Overwhelm and overthinking turns into physical sensations of anxiety and tasks take twice as long as ever to complete. You are beginning to forget things and with all those things being added to the never ending to-do list you start to feel you are not good enough. 

There are too many things needed to be done and you cannot rest until its done. Leaving very little time, if any, for you. 

Exhausted, working long hours. Not knowing what to do in my free time even if I had it because I was so tired I did not have any energy left to do anything for me. 
Until I learn't how to listen to my body
Now I had Balance I felt calmer and a little more in control of the choices in my life but something felt missing. I still could not understand what my body was trying to tell me. 

Through trial and error and countless hours of research I understood how to reduce anxiety in any given moment, fuel my body with food that helped me have more energy and focus and communicate in a way that my to- do list began to get (what felt like) magically shorter!

And now I am on a mission to help other teachers understand the signals their body is giving them too! 
I always felt on edge and like everything needed to be done yesterday. 
Why do I constantly feel anxious? Why can't I just switch off? When will I finally get through the to-do list and have time for me?? 
It was late evening as I sat down on my sofa but what program I had on Netflix I truly cannot remember. Every time I tried to switch off my mind would go back to overthinking the decision I needed to make at work. I would pick up my phone thinking 'If I just do that quick thing I can tick it off the to-do list and then I will be able to switch off without the guilt'. 

Never worked. There was always 'one more thing' until I would just collapse from exhaustion. 

I had tried the traditional methods of buying a planner, writing to-do lists in different ways and pushing through but honestly the immediate list for my attention just never seemed to stop. 

I was wired but tired and enough was enough. 

Then it hit me. I suddenly felt calm. The decision was made. If I wanted to be able to switch off I needed to put myself first. My life could not be all about work any more and what everybody else needed. 

I invested in coaches and began to study the mind and body implementing everything that I learnt on myself to see if I could stop my mind racing. Step by step Balance was created and I can finally switch off - without the guilt. 
Hi, I'm Annabel 
Nice to 'meet' you. Over the past few years I have helped hundreds of teachers reduce overwhelm, stop overthinking and avoid burnout through work-life balance coaching. 

What I learnt through overcoming burnout and coaching clients to do the same was that most teacher wellbeing programs take up a lot of time and don't focus on lifelong results. They are not person centred but rather one size fits all leading to short term fixes rather than an improved overall wellbeing.   

It is my aim to coach teachers to better understand themselves and their own personal needs in any given moment. Providing long lasting results and clarity so that no matter how busy life gets you can switch off without guilt and enjoy a work-life balance.  
Imagine What Life Could Be Like If You Were Able To Set Your Boundaries & Stick To Them Like I Do...
What would you give to be able to lay in bed at night without worrying if you did things right that day or whether you have forgotten anything for tomorrow?

You just pulled the covers over you and when your head hit the pillow and you closed your eyes you drifted off into a deep, quality sleep.

How about if you could know that everything that you have done is good enough and that the children are okay without you having to finish everything 'perfectly' all the time. 

Wouldn't it be great to finish work on time and be able to enjoy your weekends guilt and worry free so you can have the energy to get creative, spend time with friends and family or enjoy a bubble bath with a good book without thinking about work. 

Sounds amazing right? 

It is time to discover a happier life outside work by understanding how to quickly listen to your own body and make a decision to put yourself first without the guilt. 
Discover a Life Outside work
Program For Teachers
Learn how to listen to your body so you can build teacher resilience to switch off with ease and enjoy a happier life outside work. 
12 Week Interactive Accelerator Program For Teachers
Here is what is included...
Private support group to build teacher resilience with like-minded teachers
Together you will be assigned coach led me-time tasks to discover how to put yourself first without adding to the to-do list. We will cover setting your boundaries without guilt, saying no with ease, how to reduce anxiety through food, mindset and exercise and so much more.  You will discover how to put yourself first without guilt and still be able to support those who need you fully. 
Fortnightly group coaching calls for accountability and support
This is not another course to add to the pile of things to do. This course is designed specifically for teachers to find their voice and confidently put themselves first. In the fortnightly calls you will be able to take a deeper dive into applying the principles of the program in real life by getting your questions answered.  
Meditations to unwind and relax 
It can be a challenge for teachers to unwind and it was for me too. I used to help calm my mind and body through various forms of meditations so I knew it was time for me. 

I reached out to a good friend of mine Claire Marron to write teacher specific meditations for you to relax, unwind and build confidence. Great for when you are preparing to do your me-time assignments.  
Here are some exclusive bonus' for those teachers who are ready to discover how to put themselves first without the guilt...
1:1 Anxiety Reduction Kickstart Call 
You Are Unique 
In the first week of the program we will jump on a 60 minute call together to set you out a personalised kick start to reduce anxiety and be able to switch off personalised plan. 

Everyone's life is different and wherever you are at is where we will begin. 
Self Care Planner 
Every Teacher Loves A Planner
But this one is about you. A daily bullet point checklist covering the 6 pillars of health to build the work-life balance you desire. 

It covers motivational mindset, nutrition, exercise, environment, energy and sleep to help you progress in building teacher resilience to avoid burnout. 
Teachers Self Care Quick File 
Work Smarter not Harder
This handy Teacher Balance SelfCareKit includes ALL of my self-care strategies that took me from burnout to balance. PLUS... my journey is not over yet so as new strategies are born they will be added too! Save yourself researching hours online trying to know where to start with this handy quick file. 
A Priceless Opportunity To Discover How to Reduce Anxiety and Switch Off To Enjoy A Life Outside Work
14 Day Money Back Guarantee
There is really no risk involved. If you are not satisfied and let us know within 14 days of purchase via email to then you will receive a full refund. 
Now it's time to....
Put Yourself First
If you are finding yourself constantly thinking about things for school during your personal time or you find yourself laying in bed overthinking what happened that day and what you have to do tomorrow then this accelerator program is for you. 

Learn how to confidently set your boundaries, reduce anxiety and switch off without guilt through this 12 week coach-led interactive program. Through me-time assignments and fortnightly accountability calls you will learn how to listen to your body to build the teacher resilience to handle anything that comes your way. 

You will be supported on the program with your additional bonus kickstart call to ensure it is personalised to you alongside a self care planner to track your progress and a quick file to jump into as and when you need. 

This is a limited time offer so if you are ready to have the energy to enjoy life outside of work the accelerator program is here to show you how. 

Remember, nothing changes until you decide to choose differently.  

- Annabel 
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  •  Private support group to build teacher resilience with like-minded teachers  (£225 Value)
  •  Fortnightly group coaching calls for accountability and support (£97 Value)
  •  Meditations to unwind and relax  (£25 Value)
  •  1:1 Anxiety Reduction Kickstart Call  (£99 Value)
  •  Self Care Planner  (£15 Value)
  •  Teachers Self Care Quick File (£49 Value)
Total Value: £510
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